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Designing Around A Problem

Prickles & Spike Pile-up from Prickles & Spike collection
Many images shown on this page are a combination of logos, leaflets, posters, stationery, invitations, van magnets and brand identity. But there are also solutions to problems, like the Chew Stoke Bowling Club's need to change their honours boards in order to reduce costs.

Chew Stoke Bowling Club decided to change their gold leaf honours board to something a little less costly and employed me, as a creative professional, to design all the inserts for these picture frames. I created a "wooden background" for each board to complement the wooden frames and surround. I am hoping to get a clearer image uploaded soon.

Chew Stoke BC Honours Boards printout
New Chew Stoke Bowling Club Honours Board

They also wanted their original logo recreated as a vector as they only had a fabric version. I gave them a coloured and black and white version.

Chew Stoke BC Mono Vector Logo
Chew Stoke BC Colour Vector Logo
Chew Stoke BC Blazer Logo
City of Wells BC Logo Reworked
Scanned City of Wells BC Logo

City of Wells Bowling Club also needed their logo 'redrawn'. They had a fuzzy pdf which wasn't quite clear enough for printing on their latest clubwear.

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