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As a creative professional, these designs have been illustrated by my own fair hand and then digitally manipulated in order to apply them to various ceramics. The range is expected to expand!

Poppy Cup (6oz)

By far my most beautiful creation! Using watercolours I painted a selection of poppies and digitally manipulated them to create this stunning poppy cup.

I have produced other flower cups, see below, and am happy to design others for bulk buy. They make great gifts for the older generation who may struggle with the larger 11oz mugs. I also do children's designs - head over to the Tad Pan page for a flavour of these!

Plus P&P

Poppy Mug 6oz.jpg
Dahlia Mug 6oz.jpg

Dahlia Cup (6oz)

This dahlia cup design was inspired by a beautiful plant in a friend's garden - it was so full of leaf and flower which I hope is displayed in my illustration.

Plus P&P

Blubells Cup (6oz)

Designed after a lovely visit to Brockley Combe and Goblin Combe where my mother-in-law spent her childhood during WWII.

Again, these images were painted using watercolours and manipulated on the computer to create these beautiful cups.

Plus P&P

Dragon Piggies.jpg

Dragon Piggy Bank

I love the vibrant colours of this piggy bank, digitally generated by the use of an egg shape!

Plus P&P

Carousel Piggy Bank

I used watercolours in my original unicorn design and digitally altered the colours to produce a variety of colourful unicorns for this carousel piggy bank.

Plus P&P

Unicorns Piggy.jpg

Prickles & Spike Piggy Bank

It only seems right to include the capers of my Prickles & Spike range on a piggy bank! These hedgehogs are being quite creative in their attempts to get at the money!!!

Plus P&P

Space Maaan Piggy Bank

In celebration of our Eurovision Song Contest entry 2022, I painted the planets and Space Maaan in watercolours to brighten up this piggy bank.

Plus P&P

Spaceman Piggy.jpg
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